What is embroidery?
Embroidery, once a differentiation reserved for royalty, is the art of stitching designs and words onto fabric surfaces using needle and thread. Thanks to modern technology, Embroidery Plus is able to use computers to digitize artwork and Tajima embroidery machines to produce high quality embroidered items at an affordable price.
What is digitizing?
 Modern embroidery machines use robotics to move the garment on a frame and sew out the design. Digitizing is the process of using customized software to create a computer file that will instruct the embroidery machine how to move, what type of stitch to sew, when to change thread colors and to knot the end of threads. Experienced digitizers will first take into account the fabric they are sewing and the size and shape of the design they are creating. They will then program each stitch in the design. If replicating artwork, printed material may be scanned into the computer to create a template that will guide the digitizer.
What is a set up fee?
It is customary for embroidery shops to charge a one-time set up fee (also referred to as a tape charge). This charge covers the labor of digitizing artwork - it does not transfer ownership of the digitized file (or tape).
What can be embroidered? All types of fabric and leather can be embroidered to create a distinctive look, whether it's on apparel, accessories, or home furnishings. Trademark and copyrighted materials may not be reproduced without a license agreement or written consent from the owner.
Who supplies the article to be embroidered?
Embroidery Plus offers a vast selection of shirts, jackets, hats, aprons, vests, athletic apparel and uniforms to our clients at below retail prices. We also supply tote bags, gym bags, computer satchels, luggage, blankets, golf items, linens and more. If you don't see something listed under our Products category, use the Info/Quote form and tell us what you're looking for - we'll be glad to help you find it! Of course, you are always welcome to bring us items to be embroidered.
How to Care for Embroidered Apparel? With proper care, embroidery will outlast the item it is applied on. Embroidery plus recommends that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the garment. Do not use bleach and avoid ironing the stitches. It's also a good idea to turn embroidered apparel inside out before laundering to help avoid snags or other abrasive contact with the threads during the wash and spin cycles. Dry cleaning is not recommended.
Understanding the Stitch Count
 More is not necessarily better when it comes to the number of stitches in embroidery. While you might think a high stitch count will result in a better looking design, too many stitches may cause embroidery to buckle, pucker, and feel so thick you'll swear it's bullet-proof. First and foremost, you want your embroidered apparel to feel comfortable, not itchy and hard. At Embroidery plus, we take into account the fabric we're using and apply an underlay of stitches to your design. An effective underlay helps the design retain its shape, provides a foundation for full coverage of color and helps the garment remain soft and pliable. Designs sew smoother and look better when the right techniques and stitch count are used.
 Not all fabrics are created equal. There are many types of backing that embroidery shops use and each type is designed for particular fabrics and applications. It is essential to use the type of backing that will help support the stitches and fabric. The correct backing prevents designs from appearing misshapen, avoids lines that are visible on the surface of the garment, and helps provide detail and clarity in the finished product. At Embroidery plus we carry a full line of backings to ensure we produce a great looking product for you.