About Us

iEMBROIDERY  is a full service embroidery company.  Since 2002 we have served valued clients in Fort Lauderdale, North Florida and the United States.

Shirts, caps, jackets, occupational and industrial apparel, restaurant attire, aprons and school uniforms are a few of the areas of our expertise.

From business casual to sports, we can do it all.  Our staff will even care for the one special item that needs just a name or monogram

iEMBROIDERY has the capacity to handle all your needs.  We offer a wide range of quality apparel and soft goods such as caps, bags and towels.

Low minimums make it easy for fishing teams, sports teams, small offices, etc. to wear top quality customized apparel. Our Minimum is one!

We are also adept at handling fulfillment programs and contract work. Our factory is designed to smoothly and efficiently produce up to 5000 embroideries per week.
Our staff will help you with your special needs, and answer any questions you may have.

How We Do It

Unlike many of our competitors who depend on contractors to produce their designs and embroidery, we operate our own digitizing studio and embroidery factory.  This allows us to carefully control all aspects of the process which ensures the highest possible quality and responsiveness.  During 2004, we traded in all our existing embroidery machines for the newest, most advanced equipment available.  We operate Tajima machines with 8 sewing heads and 15 needles per head.  For proofing our designs, we have 2 machines with 2 sewing heads each.  Our machines are networked to our computer system which allows us to load designs with maximum efficiency.

Custom graphic
If you have a logo or other graphic you like, this probably the best option for you.  Send us a copy of the graphic for evaluation and we'll let you know how it will turn out in embroidery.  Text can be added to most any graphic.

Stock design
If you don't have a logo but want to add a graphic element to your design, choose from our stock design library that includes well over 20,000 embroidery designs.  We'll add text to personalize the design especially for you.

Text design
If you only want your design to consist of text clearly embroidered on your product then that's no problem either.  We have over 100 stock alphabets to choose from.  If you have a custom font, we can most likely render it in embroidery as well.

Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing an embroidery pattern is the process of creating a set of instructions that a computer controlled sewing machine (embroidery machine) uses to sew an intricate pattern of stitches that renders text and/or graphics into a sewn decoration, usually applied to fabric. Digitizing software is used facilitate this process. A digitizer is the person who uses the software and determines the order that each element is sewn and using what type of stitches.

Importance of Digitizing

Preparation of the embroidery pattern ("digitizing") requires an understanding of the different types of stitches and fabrics and how they work together as a medium and rendering. Athough digitizing software has become more sophisticated, allowing less skilled digitizers to produce designs, better designs are produced by experienced digitizers.


After a design is created, we proof each one to make sure what looks good on screen really works out as well once it's sewn of fabric.  Any edits that are needed are performed and the design is resewn to make sure the changes produced the desired result.


Once the design meets our standards, we send you a copy by email for your approval.  Only after your approval is your order moved to production.  We will ship your order to you within five days of your approval.